ACEVO has teamed up with Neil Coulson Associates to develop a ‘Consortium Development Toolkit’. The Toolkit is designed to support groups of organisations that are looking to work together.

The Toolkit consists of a booklet and this website where you can access template business planning documentation, and is usually offered together with face to face facilitation.

The toolkit takes organisations through the successive stages of developing a consortium – deciding on a structure, developing organisational goals, defining criteria for membership, and formally constituting and incorporating the consortium, if that is the chosen route.

The toolkit is offered through a license agreement, which comes with support. There are two levels of support available:

A Basic License. Helps you develop a single consortium.

An Extended License. As well as facilitation of one consortium development process (as above), you also get advanced training in consortium development and working (a ‘train the trainer’-type model). The extended license is suitable for infrastructure bodies or larger organisations that wish to develop their own capacity to support consortia.

If you have any further questions about toolkit licenses please contact



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