Consortia Support is Neil Coulson Associates and ACEVO working together to support the capacity of the VCS to pioneer new forms of service delivery.


Neil Coulson has 12 years experience as a third sector consultant working with consortia. He has worked with or advised more than 100 consortia.

John Gillespie is Business Planning Consultant at ACEVO.  ACEVO is the professional association for third sector chief executives, working to support leaders through activities that connect, develop, support and represent them. Our mission is to support the development of a modern, enterprising third sector.


Together we have invested in resources to support the capacity of the local VCS to engage with commissioning opportunities and are pioneering a range of new approaches to commissioning the VCS in local places across the country.

We want to work with more local and national organisations to develop new approaches and harness learning that will support the development of commissioning structures and practices that allow VCS organisations to compete on an equal footing alongside their commercial and public sector counterparts.


For more information please contact John Gillespie

t: 0207.280.4960          e:



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